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Thank you! I really should update it just a bit (to add Metaxas’ anglophile position and some of the differential views on him and the impact of Operation Marita in the general war theatre) and add some more images that seem to have disappeared from their linked sources. You reminded me of it!

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Brief History
Thank you for taking the time to read it! 🙂

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Chapter 4, page 22
Well… if she were shot in the heart, she wouldn’t be able to talk. It might look worse than it is. I mean they both wear loose clothing, relatively speaking…

Chapter 4, page 22
No worries, I won’t! Hahaha! I’m grateful about that!

Chapter 4, page 22
I honestly think that’s anyone’s guess. Both are grieving deeply, albeit Martha for a very short time so far. You think their stories have concluded then? >:)

Chapter 4, page 22
That’s beautiful.

Chapter 4, page 21
Very true.