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Yes, I’m inclined to agree… they do seem to have some sort of identification of their religion with their state too, though. Like, the Islam as they define it IS their country, sorta. Ah, well. Sad and dangerous story, theirs.

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Yeah thankfully I haven’t seen anything of the like reoccuring, at least in Europe. I’m not quite sure if ISIS doesn’t fall under the fascism (nationalism?) with religious icing category though. I’d need to look into it more.

Agreed. XD I was appalled to realise it was an actual thing! And I read somewhere that there are still some small isolated groups adhering to it. Not sure how they explain that their ‘herald’ offed himself, at least officially.

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Chapter 4, page 32
Yes… Pit-Face’s cameo here (named Dina) is on orders from Aris Velouhiotis. Who came to an ignominious end before everything went down the drain exactly as how you allude to.

Chapter 4, page 32
Thank you so much! I’ll do my best 🙂

Chapter 4, page 31
Bless you, this made me laugh.

Chapter 4, page 30
These days haven’t been kind to her.

Chapter 4, page 28
So glad it shows!
I haven’t ever read that. But the title reminds me of Studio Ghibli’s Nausicaa if that’s the same story?