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The only work rewards I got this month were overtime and holiday pay. XD

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Chapter 4, page 16
Yep. Because I can use it to buy Chinese food.

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Chapter 4, page 19
Uh oh.

Chapter 4, page 18
Running to church. Nothing suspicious about that. Gotta hurry up and pray.

Chapter 4, page 17
Slightly concerned he might be a weak link to entrust with this information. Then again, most everyone weaker than Fotis (in a manner of speaking), and I am also generally distrustful of everyone.

Chapter 4, page 15
Imma throw all my allies under the bus — especially the ones I argue with and the kids and stuff because, you know, war.

Chapter 4, page 14
The guilt must weigh heavy to use kids like that. But it is a time-honored and effective war strategy.