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“I’D LIKE TO PERSONALLY TEAR HIM LIMB FROM LIMB!…nothing personal, you understand.”

(Also, Arthur is worryingly bright — I’d have trouble so effectively stalking someone in peacetime, with the internet, knowing the guy’s language fluently.)

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Chapter 4, page 16
“And he stabbed my buddy. That jerk stabbed my buddy. Did I mention he stabbed my buddy, by any chance?”

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Chapter 4, page 32
There’s so many comments this page brings to mind, but the bit about wanting to seem united and politically together when the Brits show up is such a tearjerker given the Civil War that’s coming a few years later and the British involvement in it…

Chapter 4, page 31
While most of WM isn’t all “hashtag relatable” for me, thank God, this page sure is. 😛

And come on, guys, even with your lawyer dead, you’ve still got an elementary school teacher — I’m sure she could grill someone.

Chapter 4, page 30
Oh man, she’s so pale here. D:

Chapter 4, page 28
The comic book version is much trippier (and longer!)

Chapter 4, page 28
This is why we don’t do meth and painkillers at the same time, kids.

Also, yikes, his distorted view of Basil is really creepy. I can see why he’s got it, but still creepy. (Have you ever read Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind? This page reminds me slightly of a few scenes in it.)