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Dynamic and shocking scene! Perfect detail and the soldier’s movement looks very realistic. Martha’s stance is perfect.

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Chapter 4, page 22
Well I HOPE they haven’t! But don’t spoil it. I won’t do a bravo and jump ahead 59 steps hahaha!

Chapter 4, page 22
I wonder who’s shot was more painful? That’s such a dramatic end to each of their stories. The top right corner panel should be on a shirt. ?

Chapter 3, page 20
Powerful! It applies so Mich to the state of modern Greece as well.

Chapter 3, page 19
Poor Fotis! He really does give the right perspective to the situation here though, doesn’t he? The ends don’t justify the means and even though Arthur believes in the right of the bigger picture he has a good example right in front of him of the suffering that the reality causes.