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Welp, my entire skin just crawled off, brb gotta go catch it.

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Chapter 4, page 26
I’m thinking she’ll find out what he did sooner or later…

Chapter 4, page 25
The lawyer’s sucessor, right there.
(And isn’t Justice usually shown as blindfolded…?)

Chapter 4, page 25
Local Horribly Messed-Up Middle-Schooler Smarter Than Literally Everyone Else, details at eleven. I’m glad he has Martha as a witness that he accused Orestes, though. I don’t put it past him to do something stupid and self-destructive like killing Fotis to try and hide.

Chapter 4, page 24
Commander Regrettable Undershave is waaay too overconfident. Also, who the heck is Iris really working for? Herself? The aliens poised to invade while the humans are distracted?

Chapter 4, page 23
Don’t worry, I’m just as startled as the dudes in the second panel and can’t spoil a thing. 😛