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Kudos for your last post! I believe your comic has just as symbolic as historical relevance for a country that has been subjected to ruthless occupation twice, regardless of how the media want to portray it as ‘help for your housecleaning’. The hard facts about the suffering of the Greek people are here to stay because they are undeniable, and no propaganda is likely to clean them from observation or memory. Your comic shows exactly the realism of occupation, without overdramatising anything. Just as today’s situation in Greece does not need any overdramatising for any objective observer to get and tell it as it is.

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Chapter 3, page 19
Excellent! I think it’s one of the few comics that leaves a lasting impression after you’ve finished reading it. It takes guts to refuse life-saving water from someone you identify as the torturer of your people. It’s the role Photis reacts to, not the person, and you’ve managed to convey this nicely.