Without Moonlight is about the civilians in Athens and other major cities and/or villages in Greece during the Occupation of 1942-45, and how they waged their own type of war against the oppressor. Those were the main Axis powers (Germans, Italians, Bulgarians) with Bulgarians mainly in the north (Macedonia and Thrace), and Germans and Italians everywhere else.


There will be several situations and incidents depicted that are actually historical, and for those there will always be a snippet of history with references for all those who wish to look up the historical basis of the stories in WM, in the ‘History in Brief’ section or if they are too specific, in the author notes.


The comic is about Greeks primarily and centrally, but it is also about the power of the People, any People, be they British, Jewish, Polish, French or even German/Italian, against those who seek to oppress them. It is about Justice, Human Rights, and popular strength that propaganda and the mass media all too often gloss over so that the limelight and focus of attention is kept on those who wish to rule over everybody else, whether everybody else wants it or not.