I am Tantz Aerine

aka Tanya Maria Geritsidou! I am a Greek Canadian, born in Motreal and raised Greek and deeply in love with my country, through which I cherish and love every single other culture of the world and the nationalities that go with it. I live and work and fight in Athens, Greece.

I am a professional psychopedagogue (i.e. a learning specialist with psychology background) experienced in fully reversing learning difficulties in all ages as well as in maximizing human intelligence both in the classroom and in other aspects of everyday living. Together with my mother, an educational psychologist, we’ve collaborated since 1998 to create and test and standardize the Accelerated Instructional Method or AIM, a unique language and concept learning tool for children that enhances intellectual development and psychosocial adjustment.

That’s my day job bit!

I am also a professional author of sociopolitical and fantasy drama. So far, I’m best known for writing The Art of Veiling, an, as critiques described it, uniquely original fantasy trilogy using realism, science and politics to create a thrilling adventure, but I have also written several short stories and a couple of plays for students.

Drawing and comic making are my hobbies, to which I am extremely committed. Without Moonlight aside, I also make Brave Resistance together with Deidre Crouch (aka Pit-Face).

Brave Resistance is a webcomic that is, again, a historical war drama set in nazi occupied Greece during WWII which however explores a completely different facet of the war and the occupation, and has completely different (much more upbeat) tone than Without Moonlight.

For more ramblings, thoughts and essays of mine on assorted things you can always visit my blog Straight Up Shots… or On The Rocks!