Symbolism in Without Moonlight


I couldn’t help using symbolism heavily in WM. You can find it everywhere, from the parameters and names of the characters to the way I paint some of the panels. There will be tributes and references to song lyrics of the time (and later on) that tap upon the fighting and endurance and stubbornness of the Greeks. There will also be nods to various famous pieces of literature or films of the classic Greek literature and filmography. I will be pointing out some to you in this page as they appear, but others I will just leave tucked in for those who can to discover. Because I’m playful like that. 😉


So, let’s start with the main character names!


Fotis Porfyros:

‘Fotis’ means ‘Light’ or ‘Alight’ (not enlightened) and ‘Porfyros’ is derived from the Greek ‘porfyra’ (πορφύρα) which means ‘crimson’ and was the dye used for imperial clothing. There is a certain tint of pride and nobility in something that is ‘crimson’ in terms of connotations in Greek.


Basil Lokridis:

‘Basil’ in Greek means ‘Royal’ or ‘Opulent’ in its metaphorical sense. It is also the name of the well known fragrant plant.  ‘Lokrides’ is a faux surname that is derived from ‘Lokros’ (Λοκρός) which is the place name for Ajax, the ancient Greek hero of the Illiad who was notorious for his strength, battle prowess and honour.


Diomedes Sergiakis:

Diomedes was another of the Illiad heroes, most prominent for his prowess, valour and courage. He was not afraid to battle the gods and he worked very well with Odysseus. Sergiakis is a faux last name derived of ‘Sergios’, meaning ‘right hand man’ in a sense.


Anna Ikaria:

Anna’s name can be read both ways, and there are several historic and literary references you will find may apply as tributes… Ikaria is a pretty Aegean island, which is also associated with the legend of Ikarus, the boy who flew too close to the sun.




That HAS to be easy! Alexandra means ‘one who fights/is safe from/repulses men’. Take your pick. It is also Alexander the Great’s name…