Expect this page to get more profiles as more characters enter the scene. Also, I will not post full bios for everyone, to avoid spoilers ūüôā


The Greeks


   Fotis Porfyros

Age: 14

Languages: Greek, English, some German phrases

Fotis is a born and raised Athenian. His father was a doctor and his mother was a schoolteacher.

Like so many of his peers, he was orphaned during the Greco-Italian war, when his father fell at the front of Pindos, and soon after, during the early days of the Nazi Occupation, his mother was also killed during one of the many violent evictions of orphanages by nazis, when she tried to object to the orphanage building being comandeered.

Left to fend for his own self, virtually homeless as well as orphaned, Fotis spends every day trying to survive and Resist.



   Basil Lokrides

Age: 25

Languages: Greek, English, Latin, French

Basil had completed Law School and was well on his way to complete the extra training to become a prosecutor when the war struck. He is one of the Greco-Italian war casualties. He fought valiantly in Kalpaki and Pindos, in the norther mountain ridges of Greece and returned home a victor, before the Nazis decided to invade and occupy his country.

He lost his right forearm in the war, where he also got his scars- though he will not say how.

The things he saw and lived through have left him jaded and cynical, but that doesn’t stop him from offering Fotis the protection and support he needs to keep leaping and causing damage to the occupiers, no matter how small scale it appears.


  Diomedes Sergiakis

Age: 12

Languages: Greek, Italian/German phrases

Diomedes is a son of Crete- of which he is quite proud. He ascribes fully to the Cretan ideals, and seeks thus to prove himself a man in battle. Which his family in Crete felt he was not with just 12 winters under his belt, and tried to salvage him from getting killed in battle by sending him to Athens’ port city Piraeus, where his aunt lived, before an invasion of Crete could take place.

However, in a bombing of Piraeus, his aunt perished and he was left to fend for himself. A tough task that however became easier the moment his path crossed Fotis’, and they joined forces.



  Anna Ikaria

Age: 10

Languages: Greek, Italian/German phrases

Anna is the daughter of a notary, and member of a pretty traditional greek-jewish family. Like Fotis, she has been born and raised in Athens, and her family was definitely Athenian.

Her mother died long before the war, and Anna says she doesn’t remember her. Her father was killed in one of the nazi road blocks, weeks after nazi rule was established in Athens.

She is extremely good at all sorts of crafts, provided she is sure it is ladylike to engage in them.



Age: 10

Languages: Greek, Italian/German phrases

Alexandra demands that she be called Alex under pain of a punch in the nose. She does her best to pass as a boy, and she is fairly successful since at the orphanage she had to have her hair shaved off to fend off lice.

She says she doesn’t remember her family at all, and that she has always been living off the streets. She definitely has enough street savvy to support that claim.

Her biggest current ambition is to be as much like Basil as possible- much to Basil’s horror.


  Grandma Pelagia

Age: 67

Languages: Greek

She is Basil’s grandmother, the one who raised him ever since his parents died when he was quite young. She is a strong willed, tough woman who worked several jobs to support him, from cleaning houses to cooking and maintenance for richer households. Basil loves her dearly.





Age: 11

Stelios comes across Fotis’ path right after the execution of a man in the streets of Plaka, whom Stelios identifies as his brother, and member of the Resistance. Left alone to fend for himself, he has a promise of help by Fotis, whenever he needs it.



  Martha Peani

Age: 23

Languages: Greek, German, English, French, Italian

Martha used to be Basil’s fiancee right up until he returned from the front. Nobody knows exactly what happened, except that their breakup was hard, bitter, and it left both her and him grim faced and angry.

Soon after Martha joined the just-forming Resistance, and invested herself in fighting and putting a dent in the enemy- and soon it became obvious that she is an excellent sniper, both in skill and attitude.

Few even consider that before the war, Martha was ready to get her diploma for teaching high school children languages…


  Father Yiannis

Age: 47

Languages: Greek

Father Yiannis was born and raised in Crete, but after he decided to join the ranks of the orthodox Christian clergy, he found himself serving in Athens well before the war broke out. He has good connections with every Cretan in Athens, and now with the Occupation, his primary concern is to keep as many children from dying as possible.





Age: 26

Languages: Greek, some English

Orestes is one of the ranked leaders of the Resistance. He was an engineer before the war, and also fought in the war until forced to capitulate to the Reich with the rest of his regiment. But like many of his compatriots, he refused to give up fighting. His opinions are strong and his actions always directed by them.





Age: 19

Another member of the resistance, Rea was a newlywed before she lost her husband in the Greo-Italian war. Offspring of a traditional family, she has been raised to be a good wife and mother for her husband. But since her husband was murdered, as she considers him to be, by the enemy, as his wife she feels she needs to retalliate.




The Allies 

   Alec Quinn

Age: 22

Languages: English

Alec is a british SOE agent, a coding expert that has vital information for the aid of the Greek Resistance in a plan they have about putting a dent in nazi forces.



 The Germans

arthurArthur Wolff

Age: 26

Languages: German, English, someFrench, some Ancient Greek, some Latin

A promising Captain of the Wehrmacht-Heer. Arthur grew up in time to remember the great financial crash in post-WWI Germany as a nightmarish time of his early infancy where his mother cried after a father that left them, never to return. He, like all young German boys, was raised within the Third Reich’s educational structure and was part of the Hitler Youth, where he excelled in pretty much every academic field. His mother had lost another boy due to hardship and lack of proper medical care during the time of extreme financial crisis, and nearly worshipped Hitler for taking Germany out of that situation in time for her youngest son, Arthur, to be saved. For that very reason Arthur became just as dedicated to both Hitler and Germany’s youngsters; he swore to do everything in his power to protect and educate them. When the war broke out, he enlisted with enthusiasm, certain of the righteousness of the Cause. Now, almost two years in the army and having landed in Occupied Greece, everything he believes he stands for, and everything he wants Germany to stand for, will be put to the test.



raban Raban Bauer

Age: 24

Languages: German

An Oberschotze who has grown up with Arthur throughout all the classes and camp trainings. Used to lean on Arthur to get by academically, he in turn offered his street smarts and flippant countenance to keep Arthur from becoming ‘too serious’ and ensure that he’d have fun with the ‘cool boys’ of their class.¬†He is interested in crafts and sports more than academics, and though he hasn’t distinguished himself much in the army, he enjoys it to no end, and because of that, Arthur feels he can get through it unscathed himself.¬†To Arthur, Raban is the brother he never had the chance to grow up with, even though Raban is a year younger.

bohm Claus Bohm

Age: 45

Languages: German, Modern and Ancient Greek, English

Standartenf√ľhrer¬†Bohm started off as a nobody, a graduate student of the Classics vying for the attention of tenured professors in order to climb up the social ladder. But all of that changed when he joined the NSDAP. His knowledge of his fellow students’ ideas, objections and problems and his willingness to report them or entrap them into revealing their ‘true colors’ soon gained him recognition within the party and the SA. It was a matter of time before he was assigned in the SS, working in the¬†Gleichschaltung¬†programs to expunge everything non-aryan and non-germanic from Germany’s culture, and then by 1939 in the expansion of the Euthanasia program under Bouhler and Brandt, to expunge children and adults unfit to breed a strong German cohort in gassing chambers. He was in the teams administering special questionnaires and inspections to find who would need to be weeded out. After the war broke out, because of his abilities he was sent to continue such work in occupied territories, and currently works in Athens.


eichel Fridric Eichel

Age: 34

Languages: German, French, some English

Oberf√ľhrer¬†Eichel¬†started off as a priest advocating Positive Christianity during the 1920s, as Hitler’s movement was rising, and the NSDAP was gaining power, advocating the turning away from faith in Jesus Christ or observation of the ‘Apostle’s Creed’, but rather replacing it all with the Nazi Party and Adolt Hitler. Exactly as Hans Kerri wanted, he toured Germany’s churches advocating that Hitler was the herald of the new Revelation and denounced everything Jewish in the Christian religion (which pretty much meant to discard the Old Testaments and most of the New). As the NSDAP gained in political power, he displayed far more enthusiasm and far less tolerance for the other Christian faiths, as they were called, and endorsed their extermination, which he orchestrated with a few of his faithful followers. Seeing his merit, the SA recruted him, and he flourished in what evolved to be the SS.