The adventure begins- or we’re gonna try and see what’s already happened 😛

LOOKIT IT’S ALEX! (she totally looks a boy, doesn’t she? XD)

This particular introductory snippet that sets the mood for Fotis’ little gang, is also a tribute to the great greek writer/playwright Dimitris Psathas (Δημήτρης Ψαθάς) and his short stories about children during the Occupation, under the group title ‘The gamins’ (Οι Πιτσιρίκοι) . Those of you (unlikely, but there ARE more Greeks on DD than I) who have read those short stories will immediately know where this is going, but don’t give away the secret!

When the particular scene is done, at the end of the chapter, I will post the original short story translated by yours truly for your extra amusement, since it’s literary gold and I have tweaked it here for my story purposes 🙂 (and you’ll be able to brag about your knowledge of international literature! *ducks*)

Remember, blue ink in the font is for Greek, black goes for German (the Language Key is on your lower left). If the character is speaking German, however broken/fluent, the ink is black. If they speak even broken Greek, the ink is blue. If, however, the character uses a word that is foreign but has been ingrained with specific contexts into their spoken/native tongue, then I still let that word be written in the spoken language’s ink color. Is that clear enough? (yes, ‘camarat’ is still used here, and it is to signify someone who is an unlawfully/unfairly butting in foreigner, or a collaborator of some sort. Not good.)

PS: In panel one, you see greek graffiti from the actual era. People had started writing (sometimes at their life’s peril) rebelling messages on the walls, so you can read in Greek, from left to right: “Hellas, You Live On”, “EAM-ELLAS” (more on who these guys were later, when I get my compy), “Slaves, To Arms/Rise Up”, “Either Chains or Arms” (this is a reference to older slogans, from the 1821 War of Independence, going more or less “Better to live one hour free, than 40 years in slavery”) and finally right under that one “Down with the Nazis”.


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