So, we see what’s going down at the block.

The guy in the black hood was the terror of neighborhoods and blocks. They were called “Masks” for obvious reasons and were Greek traitors that lived among the rest of the Greeks without drawing any attention to themselves, spying on the occupied population for the benefit of the Reich. When the time came, they put on the hood so as not to be recognized by the rest of the Greeks and silently pointed to those that were a danger to the Reich. Those pointed at where either executed on the spot or taken for questioning.

You couldn’t know, and often never suspected who was hiding under the hood, betraying you to the enemy, or just giving you to them for other ulterior purposes.

Also, Anna is saying some words from the jewish prayer/hymn ‘Adon Olam’ in her terror. So now we see why she’s especially terrified of Nazis… 🙁

(by the way, as I am not jewish, if you feel an other prayer or hymn would be more appropriate for her to say, please tell me so! Thank you!)

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