Soon we’ll move on from this old art, but here, have some interesting trivia 😀

So here’s Basil’s wordy side. He WAS studying to be a lawyer/prosecutor, anyway, so it would be strange if he weren’t :p

So, just so you have an idea about Pindos, it’s a massive mountain ridge in the north of Greece, where the fascist invasion was repulsed and kept from advancing further inwards.

This is Pindos:

Pindos mountain ridge

These are Greeks fighting in Pindos in 1940:

Greek soldiers at the Pindos mountain front


More Greek fighters at Pindos

Of course the ability to take pics and live to get them developed was severely hampered when it SNOWED. :/

Now, what Basil is referring to will come up again, about how Greek soldiers were undermined in their efforts with little to no proper communication lines and marginal equipment. If you check out History, you can find out more about the Greco-Italian war Basil is referring to.

I hope you enjoy this page, wordy though it is.

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