And our Brit is trying to act while he’s still kind of sentient.

This first shelter where Father Yiannis took him is perhaps one of the smallest churches in the world, called affectionately “the Small Cathedral” because it’s right next to the big and imposing Athens Cathedral. Even its entrance is tiny and once you are inside, to get to the main area you’ll need to watch your head if you’re on the tall side. It is almost as if you enlarged a toy!

It is dedicated to St. Eleftherios (his name means Freedom) and, from earlier on, to the Virgin Mary by the name “our Lady who Swiftly Hears”.

It was founded and built around the 12th century, and except for its dome it is built completely out of marble with minimal stone. On the outside there are sculpted reliefs all around, some depicting religious symbols (from the tree of life to various shapes of crosses) and others dating from ancient times and depicting daily living scenes from antiquity.

After the Greek revolution, it was used as a library until 1863, when it was repaired and re-inaugurated as a church in honor of St. Eleftherios.

And here’s a photo!

The Little Cathedral

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