And we’re back in business here too! The forced hiatus is over.

And I’m pleased to say that it’s not only because mom and I worked a way around the lack of power and water, but because we WON! A couple of days ago the court order finally came out after 13 months of waiting on it, and the power company is ordered to restore power access to our home. It can sound such a simple and run-of-the-mill thing, but consider living without it for a year and a month just because your opponent wants to break you, and coming out of it a victor.

There’s no better feeling than that!

So I’m back 😀 And with me so is Without Moonlight!

Quick reminder, during the night of reprisals, Rea had left to go find Orestes, Martha stayed in the church with the Brit, and come the morning, Fotis was caught because of someone who ratted on him.

And as that is going on, an unaware of Fotis’ new condition Basil is sent by Father Isaac to go get Martha, with a warning to remain level headed. Which I’m sure he’ll abide to. XD

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