I am finally back! I’m sorry for the unnannounced hiatus. I do have a good excuse though. First, my best friend Pit Face came from the US to Greece last month, so I had little chance to sit down to work on comics.

Then right after she left, they fire-bombed my car. It’s burnt up now, and it was done in continuation of an assortment of threats we’ve been getting over our activism. Anyway that took up more of my time so… yeah, more delay. :/

But now I’ve more or less sorted things out with paperwork and stuff, so we resume with another page!!

Bohm gets all the ladies. 😛

What he’s referring to by ‘September’s bombing’ is the bombing of the collaborationist National Socialist Patriotic Organization (ESPO) by a pretty early resistance group called PEAN (Panhellenic Union of Fighting Youths)  .

In early November 1942 PEAN’s leader (and key members) was caught by betrayal, and that’s one of the things they are celebrating here.

The other thing is that they feel they will be able to bring the Paneuropean Fascist Youth over to Greece with PEAN gone (who were bombers) and up to then no real strong resistance with a solid stance.

The Paneuropean Fascist Youth was founded on September 15 1942 in Vienna, and spread to Italy and maybe Denmark as far as I know (from newspapers of the era). It’s very hard to get info on this particular attempt of the Axis to make far right national socialist youth militias across Europe.

Anyway, right now they feel they’re on a roll and their informants are the key to quenching every gaggle of insurgents. 😛

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