An update so soon after the previous update! It’s to hit off December well 😀

So it seems that unknowingly, Fotis has struck a chord with Arthur…

His mom here, where she speaks about Kaiser Wilhelm II, is talking about what happened after WWI. Instead of being indicted for war crimes and waging aggressive war as stipulated in the Treaty of Versailles (and as happened later with the Nazi surviving leaders of WWII, and some from Japan, not Emperor Hirohito though), he fled to the Netherlands and Queen Wilhelmina who refused to expedite him to the Allies so he could be tried.

So after both the british king and the US prime minister argued that hanging the Kaiser would destabilize world order and peace, the Kaizer abdicated and bought a house and stayed in the Netherlands until he died. The Weimar Republic sent him (quoted from Wikipedia) “twenty-three railway wagons of furniture, twenty-seven containing packages of all sorts, one bearing a car and another a boat, from the New Palace at Potsdam.”

It is understandable, then, why Goering, when surrendering to the allies at the end of  WWII thought he’d not only be pardoned but also allowed to live live a ruler and possibly act like one.

I have used, as a tribute, if you like (and also because I’ve never been to Berlin) two iconic photos from the great economic crash of the Weimar Republic. I hope you enjoy this page, for some reason it was a real pain to make!

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