Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to our first 2018 update. We’re off to a good start, it’s still January!

So, as google might tell you, Operation Harling¬†was an actual historical mission by SOE and joined Greek Resistance forces. You might feel that history revealed by Iris right now might be spoiling Without Moonlight’s ending, but it doesn’t, I assure you: while Operation Harling is central to the plot, it isn’t Without Moonlight’s story, so to speak, so I haven’t spoiled you, honest!

Finally, for this historical graphic novel, I take advantage of a little incident that did historically occur regarding the SOE agents of the operation and tweak it enough to fit my story’s needs. Other than that, everything with regards to what the mission consists of, its goals, what actuall happened in the mission and its significance remain faithful to history.

On our story now… things are moving on. Others are happy about that, and others are sad.

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