WE ARE FINALLY HERE!! This is the last page of Chapter 4, and what is basically Volume 1 of Without Moonlight! Isn’t it unreal??

There are another 4 chapters for Without Moonlight to end- that is of course, its first arc. So a long way to go yet, but with the amazing patrons keeping me on schedule, it won’t be nearly as long as it was getting here!

On story now, we’re starting to get to the meat of the matter within the Resistance… political factions and inter-quarreling that, as was the case with several resistance movements, crippled the range of what could be done and how quickly occupied lands would get liberated.

The oath Martha is referring to is the oath of ELAS (or in English the Greek People’s Liberation Army), the military branch of the resistance group EAM (National Liberation Front or EAM in Greek) (the other big one, of which Kostas is a member, is EDES, or in English the National Republican Greek League). Though members of the communist party were very prominent and in leading positions in EAM and ELAS, they were not by any means the only ones holding those ranks. ELAS had in its midst democrats, republicans, royalists and communists- it was by far the most popular group and it did not ask for political affiliation requirements for you to join. The only thing it asked for was adherence to the following oath (in its first iteration circa 1942):

I, a child of the Greek people, do solemnly swear to faithfully fight from the ranks of ELAS, shedding the last drop of my blood, as a true patriot, to oust the occupiers from my country, for the liberties of our people, and also to be tireless guardian of the fortune and living of farmers. I accept in advance the penalty of death if I shame my capacity as fighter of our Nation and our People and I promise to honour the weapon I hold and not give it up until my Homeland is liberated and my people becomes master of their own House.” 

In 1943 and later in 1944 different versions/variations of this oath were issued, though the gist remained the same, of which there will be due commentary for my patrons regarding the political nuances of the gradually changing vocabulary despite the content remaining the same. But I am posting this one, as it is the one Martha would have taken at this time.

The beginning of Chapter 5 (i.e. its cover) will be up for your perusal on Monday 16, but my amazing patrons will be able to see it on Friday the 13th… no I didn’t plan it that way 😛

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