Things are getting chaotic fast! Everything is happening at once! Civillians are taking initiatives! We finally see our first fascists in this comic! Cameo by Pit-Face as always, for having been Resistance Captain for most of the year! Check out her comic The Epic of Blitzov!

I hope you enjoy! And if you want to see what happens next now, join my awesome patrons! See the next page there now!

This is the final update for 2018! Can you believe it that we’ve been through so many pages this year, and with regular updates for 12 consecutive months!? For me that was unthinkable up until I created my patreon and got amazing patrons!

So this is to you, guys, thank you so much



Ethan Michael Crane,


Banes and


You guys helped me go the extra mile this year, and I’m determined to go even further in 2019 for you!

I am taking the holidays to make all the extra things I have planned for my patrons AND for all of you awesome WM readers! So next update will be January 14! Have a great holiday, whichever you observe. Merry Christmas from me!

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