Sometimes, paranoia pays off!

Next update will be on Monday, April 22! But my patrons can see it right now, here!

Cameo by Pit-Face, who was my awesome SOE Agent tier patron for the longest! Check out her excellent comic The Epic of Blitzov here!

Also, as we’re now starting to meet the partisans of the mountains, I thought I’d give you some authentic photos of actual partisans! They didn’t exactly have a standard military uniform due to lack of funding and well, being a partisan army. So you’d encounter a motley of similarĀ style garb, rather than uniformal one. As far as hairstyles go, “grown out” was one basic streak, and “clean shaven with mustache’ was the other. The following photos are of the ELAS partisans, but we’ll soon see EDES ones as well!


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