The Generals are arriving, so process can begin!

And among the crowds are cameos from my lovely, awesome patrons! Enjoy Ozoneocean’s Cc, from his awesome comic Pinky TA, as an ELAS partisan! Can you pick her out? And also Mike as an EDES officer.

While we’re on the subject of likenesses, the face I chose for Kalambouras (the guy on trial) is from my imagination, as it’s impossible to be sure I have the correct person from searches- there are several different Kalambourases, and some were commemorated as proper partisans as well as respectable people. I don’t want to misrepresent anyone.

That said, other people among the crowds will have likenesses that existed, as they were really there, and I can securely find out how they looked.

Next update will be on Monday, June 1st! But if you are my patron you can see it right now for as little as a dollar!

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