We’re slowly getting into some relatively obscure situations within the Resistance.

I will be making an article soon at my patreon page about ELAS vs EDES. ELAS was the biggest and most popular partisan group. ELAS was mostly associated with the Communist party KKE. EDES was the second biggest one, mostly associated with right-wing and/or royalists. EDES was the one in close cooperation with SOE and Britain in general.

They received funding and the partisans in EDES received 1 pound per month. ELAS on the other hand was a strictly volunteer group. They had no regular funding by the allies or SOE. They usually received support in singular, very specific occasions. General Zervas mentions in his diary how he told the British to extend funding to the ELAS several times around this era.

This differential treatment was partly due to the anti-communist sentiment of SOE. It was also due to Aris Velouhiotis’ visceral disdain of the British, whom he regarded as a very real threat to Greece’s independence. The complex nuance of political strife during this period is fascinating, so if you are my patron, expect a map of what’s what pretty soon!

Fotis, for now, only focuses on bombs, it seems. XD

Next update will be on Monday, December 6! But if you’re my patron you canĀ see it right now along with more art, history, and other tidbits!

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