It just feels so good to draw Fotis being happy for a change!

Georgios Karaiskakis, who Fotis tried to reference here, is one of the most famous captains of the Greek War of Independence of 1821. His military feats, bravery, and popularity aside, he was infamous for cussing and swearing with abandon. He cussed despite being known as “the son of a nun”! (his mother was daughter of clergy if not an actual nun).

The quote Fotis was trying to say here is one that is fraught with said cussing, but very much represents the approach and attitude of his time among fighters like him AND it was in writing: he actually wrote a letter to Resid Mehmed Pasha refusing to capitulate, which I have available with historical background and translations at my patreon!

The quote itself goes “Άμα ζήσω, θα τους γαμήσω. Άμα πεθάνω θα μου κλάσουν τον πούτζον”. The best direct translation I can do is “If I live, I will screw them up (or fuck them up). If I die, they can suck my dick.”

Now how did Fotis know this bit of trivia back then? (it’s very widely known now thanks to a song) It is thanks to his history buff father and Fotis’ knack for going through his books!

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