We’re just a single page from the chapter end! Chapter 8 is the final chapter of this part of WM! I can’t believe it!!!

On the update, two points: situation in the cities vs. villages regarding the Nazi-induced famine was drastically different. The cities were where people starved. While the villages also suffered having their produce confiscated by the occupiers, personal little crops in their backyard plots weren’t taken. Also, with the development of the resistance, many villages were relieved of paying tribute in the form of produce to the occupiers, especially around the areas of the Peloponnese and Evrytania (which is where we are right now). Hence, food was accessible.

On the plot- remember Cleo, the medic? She is putting her foot down in this chat with Martha! 😀

Next update will be on Monday, January 10th, 2022! Already!! But if you are my patron you can see it right now along with a lot more perks and art!

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