So this was Albert, just shy of 12 years when he slept forever. This was one of the hardest pages I’ve ever had to draw in WM.

You might think Liesl was negligent with her boys, not noticing Albert wasting away. However, two things are a part of human condition: we fail to notice small, very incremental change in people we are very familiar with (that includes gaining/losing weight) and when a single parent works virtually around the clock plus hunts for food it is frightfully easy to overlook things or not notice the clothes on your boy are too baggy, especially when he does eat some and claims he’s full too quickly.

That first drawing of Liesl paying for a cabbage with a basketful of money is of course a tribute to a pretty famous photo of the Weimar Republic inflation years. Do you recognize it? My patrons know which one I’m talking about!

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