We’re still staying historically faithful to eyewitness accounts of what happened right after the successful sabotage of Gorgopotamos bridge. Many of the fighters that survived to the 80s and 90s gave interviews. They mentioned how after the initial quiet after the explosion(s), they were walking back, basically asleep on their feet. It was well towards the break of dawn as they all returned. They also said they were in roughly the teams they were during the operation.

But as they did, the bells on the nearby villages began ringing merrily, as if it were a celebration. Italian and German planes weren’t able to do fly-by’s and try to bomb them as they were returning because of the snow-clouds being very low and the snowfall starting again, so they returned home safely to “good, hot food, alcohol, and merriment” that had been donated and prepared by the villagers.

And yes, there were consistent accounts of Eddie Myers’ partying!

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