Today is the anniversary of No Day (OXI Day), one of our two national holidays. On October 28th, 1940 we refused Mussolini’s ultimatum and entered WWII, scoring the first victory of the Allies against the Axis forces. Though I’m swamped with work (hence the delay in updates as well), I felt the need to commemorate this day by creating something for it to share with you- and I thought a picture of Basil at the front, fighting at Pindos in late 1940 would be best!

I picked a moment where he’s pensive, just after he got his face scars, rather than a pic where he’s attacking or feeling particularly victorious, because for us Greeks right now, OXI Day is a day of rallying, bracing and bitter rage. Because we find ourselves having to fight for basically the very same things, only in different forms- not yet with rifles and grenades. Because the whole world still finds itself resisting, battling, fighting for the very same rights, against the very same forces while our ancestors who shed their blood for them so we won’t have to, are standing in their graves, demanding that their sacrifice not be in vain.

So a pensive Basil it is. I hope you like it nonetheless! If you want to know more about Greece’s fight against Italy, click on ‘History’ and enjoy! Alternatively, I found this little documentary for you, from National Geographic:

Honour to our fallen, that stood against Fascism for our sake.

Updates to come soon!

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