So now that volume 1 is done, what is next?

Well, volume 2 of course!

The next chapter in WM is the extremely tumultuous period of 1943 to 1950. That’s right, it’s literally seven years of hell. It’s also what I believe are the true start and end dates of the Greek Civil War. I have a lot of reasons to think this way that I won’t expand on here, but let’s just say that if we hit the ground running in volume 1, we’ll hit the ground flying in volume 2.

There are a lot of things going on at the same time, chaotic things, in the forefront as well as in the background, on the fighting level and the political level and everything in between. We will need to juggle them all if we’re to get the full eh… let’s say experience of this period.

And that requires a lot of planning and studying on my part (yes on top of all the studying I’ve already done, it’s madness) so that not a single page is wasted in telling Fotis’ story as well as Greece’s story.

So I’m going to take a break from page updates to do all of that planning and studying over the summer months.

I will also take a mental break from WWII and historical fiction, by dabbling into another story I want to tell, which is a dark fantasy adventure (and of course it’s also political, it’s me that’s creating it!). That’s right, I’m starting another comic that will go in parallel to WM. More about that coming soon!

But while I’m studying and playing with dark fantasy, I will also be making little comic shorts (little hints of what is coming, and other silly things) and other art that is solely WM-based for my patrons. I’ll make all these wallpapers I owe, write up the historical posts, do extra pinups, you know, all the good things I didn’t make because I only had time to keep updating consistently! So consider joining my┬ápatrons! Though I haven’t yet started adding this extra content (I took a few weeks to deal with crazy IRL stuff), I will starting these coming days!

For non-patrons, WM volume 2 will probably launch in a year, so summer 2024. But for my amazing patrons, it’ll launch at least 6 months earlier as we build a buffer together! ­čśÇ I expect I’ll be ready to start making WM pages by Christmas 2023.

So until then, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for following Fotis’ story through to the end of volume 1, and see you soon in volume 2, or in another weird place that comes entirely from my imagination!!

You’ve been wonderful, all my readers, commenters and lurkers alike. This wouldn’t have been possible without you and without my amazing patrons who supported me through thick and thin. THANK YOU, SO, SO MUCH.

Have a great summer!

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