It would be a disservice of me to finish volume 1 without the likenesses of the real people who made this amazing feat happen. They deserve all the recognition and honor for fighting against the giant that was the Axis at the time. They did it without any guarantees. There were no assurances they’d be successful. No assurances that their efforts would mean anything in the overwall outcome of the war. Some even had referred to Myers’ team as a “suicide mission”.

Every single one of them were heroes: from Velouhiotis and Zervas with their men to Myers, Woodhouse, Marinos, and Barnes or Gill.

But let’s not forget the people who helped and supported them anonymously. Whether actively or passively, they kept secrets, without caring for credit or profit. This quiet support saved this mission. People in the villages or cities did it just because opposing the Nazis was more important than anything else.

May they always be honored and remembered.

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