Happy July everyone!

With the new month, starts this new chapter in Without Moonlight, which truly excites me.

I got the thrills looking forward to what happens in this chapter, as we are going to tackle one of the most controversial topics of Greek politics and history: The Greek Resistance’s leadership, politics and the terrible nuance that sowed the Greek Civil War that followed (it’s not a spoiler after 70+ years or so guys).

Even now, emotions run high regarding the two big Greek Resistance groups, ELAS and EDES, and the information around either of them and their leaders (pictured here behind Fotis) is a convoluted mess of fact, hearsay and black propaganda. (and yes, they do look very much alike, as you’ll see in photos of them I’ll be posting)

To tackle it is an exciting as well as terrible endeavour for me, because in my hands I’m holding one of the bloodiest, most bitter and most sacred parts of Greek modern history that still affects us and our country on a visceral, very real level.

It’s also impossible for me not to have bias, that comes from my own political convictions and analyses of our history. So from the get go, I must say that I actually have positive feelings and high regard for both of these two leaders (usually Greeks will love one and hate the other). I have read the trash talk on both of them and on both their groups. I will not reproduce as fact any of the dirty, despicable stuff that has been said on occasion on either of these people. I deal with ungrounded, unverified reports as hearsay and that’s how you will see them presented here.

I follow a very specific bibliography of credible sources for everything factual that is said and done by the two groups, and I will not, in any situation, exonerate or beautify anything they did that is confirmed.

This is my disclaimer to everyone, especially my fellow Greeks! I hope you enjoy the chapter!

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